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        Communication Arts

        Announcing the winners of our 61st Design competition
        This year our distinguished panel of jurors selected 126 winning projects from 2,947 entries
        See the winners gallery
        Ernie Schenck shares his checklist for surviving the ad industry’s “big pandemic reset.”
        Clients in Albuquerque and beyond trust this small, hardworking, design-centric ad agency that punches above its weight.
        Ten years after Instagram’s launch, Monica Kass Rogers brings the platform’s impact on commercial photography into focus.
        This Toronto-based illustrator creates Renaissance-influenced portraiture inspired by her relationship with God and the need to represent Black women in art.
        Hagar Erez, Katy Fischer, Alex Lin, Olivier Siegenthaler and Eileen Tjan share what keeps them inspired.
        Especially now, be sure to boost your creative immune system, Ernie Schenck writes.
        Your resource for Jobs & creative professionals in: Design, Illustration, Advertising, Typography, Interactive & Photography
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        Communication Arts

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